Tenant Information

Tenants Info

Our aim is to find you the perfect property to suit your requirements with the minimum of hassle.


Viewings will be arranged at times to suit you, including evenings and weekends, and you will invariably be accompanied by a member of staff, who can give advice and answer any questions you may have.

Fees to tenants

You will required to pay a Holding Deposit (aka Reservation Deposit). This is usually a minimum of £200. 

Providing the tenancy goes ahead, this will be deducted from the first monthly rental and the tenancy deposit, which are due before you move in (see below). 

In the event that the landlord declines to grant the tenancy, it will be refunded to you in full.

However the holding deposit will be non-refundable if you decide not to proceed for any reason, or if you fail to provide complete and accurate information in your application.


As a minimum we will require satisfactory references from your employer (or college), a previous or current landlord, and a credit reference report. 


Rents are normally quoted calendar monthly, and payable monthly in advance. The tenant is usually also responsible for Council Tax, Water Rates, Gas, Electricity and Telephone costs. All rents are payable by bank standing order to our company bank account or your landlord's bank account.


A security deposit of a minimum of one month's rental will normally be required. This deposit will be treated in accordance with the Tenancy Deposit Protection regulations, and you will be provided with the appropriate prescribed information and receive details regarding the scheme used. The deposit is held to cover damage, breakages, and any other liabilities under the terms of your tenancy agreement. Please note that under no circumstances can the deposit be used by the tenant to cover rent.

Landlord’s Repair Responsibilities

They are responsible for the upkeep of:

  • The structure of the building
  • The outside of your home, which includes the communal areas
  • The plumbing, electrical and heating systems that were originally provided by the Landlord (not including those that you have installed yourself). 
  • These include: The roof, drains, gutters and outside pipes, outside walls, doors, window sills, window frames & glass.
  • Outside painting and decoration Internal walls, skirting boards, doors & door frames, door jambs, thresholds, floors and ceilings (but not internal painting & decorating).
  • Major internal plasterwork, Flues, chimneys and chimney stacks (but not cleaning the chimneys). Also fences, pathways, boundary walls, steps, ramps and stair-lifts.
  • Garages and outbuildings (where provided by the Landlord), common entrances, stairways, lifts and lighting, rubbish chutes.
  • Water pipes & tanks, gas pipes and electrical wiring.
  • Electrical sockets and smoke detectors (where fitted by the Landlord), light fittings (but not plugs or other fittings that are not fitted by the Landlord).Basins, sinks, baths, toilets, flushing systems and waste pipes.
  • Water heaters, boilers, fireplaces, fitted fires and radiators Re-tiling in bathrooms and kitchens.

Please Note: There are certain repairs that if caused by you, a member of your household or a visitor to your home, may result in the Landlord asking you to pay for the cost of making the repair (for instance, broken windows or doors).

Tenant’s Repair Responsibilities

You are responsible for: Internal decoration, minor repairs, maintenance of appliances and fittings installed by you that do not belong to the Landlord (unless the Landlord has agreed to adopt them). This includes:

  • Painting and decorating of the inside of the property.
  • Altering doors for carpets.
  • Replacing lost or damaged keys (the Landlord will charge you for the actual cost of replacing keys and fobs plus a reasonable cost for their time in doing so).
  • Repairing small plaster cracks
  • Replacing electric plugs, fuses & light bulbs.
  • The upkeep of your own garden.
  • Plumbing in your own washing machine.
  • Replacing the toilet seat.
  • Bath and sink plugs.

If repairs are necessary to any of the Landlord’s furniture or fittings, contact John Samuel Estates immediately. Do not make your own arrangements to have the repairs done as you may have to pay for them and any damage incurred. You should also report repairs to us that are the Landlords responsibility to carry out.

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